Today’s full moon in watery Cancer is emotional, and the message for today’s ritual is very much about finding our personal power and balancing our passions and responsibilities. Significantly, The Magician in its reversed position represents the overall subject of the reading; when we notice obstacles in the path, how do we react? Is it with jaded cynicism and woe, or do we calmly move around and continue on our way? If we want to live in the flow, we need to take a good, hard look at our actions and reactions, and make room for ease in our lives.

The emotional themes in the reading addressed our motivations and reactions to challenge. It indicates a need for emotional maturity and releasing ties to negative situations in our lives. On a personal level, I resonate very closely with the motivation aspect; how not only attitude, but also authentic desire and joy can either make work feel like fun… or vice versa. I’ve certainly been one to overload myself, and then whine that I was “so busy” I couldn’t eat well, exercise enough, do anything fun… and so on and so forth. But I also would complain that I wasn’t accomplishing anything meaningful, I felt stuck, wasn’t happy… ad nauseum. This month I saw some of those old patterns creep back into my life, and I’ve chosen to release that energy back into the earth to make room for more of what I actually want in my life.

In terms of my rituals, I prepare in advance by reviewing old journal entries. I compare what I said I wanted at the last full moon, how it was going at the new moon, and then take a while to meditate about that. Then I start free-writing and gathering the crystals (let’s be clear… they’re rocks. But like, cool rocks.), light a candle, meditate some more and then do a tarot spread (as shared above). I express gratitude for what I’ve been given, and then release what no longer serves as I also ask for guidance about how to get where I want to go. And I listen… perhaps the most important part! Finally, I make sure I capture the messages, guidance, goals and intentions in a journal page that I can save and review during future rituals, so I can make sure I’m making progress.

If you are interested in starting your own practice, go ahead and download (totally free, no strings attached!) my journaling pages using the link above. This 2 page .pdf contains some of my crystal recommendations, intentions, and the messages from my reading, but gives you space to write in your own as well. If you try it, I’d love to hear about it!

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