Happy New Year, friends! Whether you are a “Resolutionary” or not, the new moon in Capricorn is pushing us to really think about what we want to do with our lives, and encouraging us to fearlessly embrace who we are becoming. In order to do that, we need to let go of who we thought we were, though… and that isn’t always the easiest thing. Keep reading for my January New Moon tarot message, and download the journal page at the end if you want to keep track of the messages and your personal commitment!

“Find your highest purpose, and there you will meet your highest self.”

New Moon Reading, January 2021

The message from the new moon tarot spread was profound for me personally. I felt some resistance to the reading early on, and then a phrase jumped out at me… “You cannot keep bending down to the forces that attack; believe in your ability to overcome.” This specifically relates to the emergence of the sacred self, and my (our) higher purpose in this life. The major arcana cards in the reading spelled out a karmic cycle playing out, and cautioned that in order to make progress toward my goals, I would have to face my shadows. Again?! Again. I have put a lot of work into understanding myself and my limiting beliefs, but even with all of that progress, I have felt uneasy and somewhat fearful lately.

“You need to acknowledge in order to let go.”

New Moon Reading, January 2021

If you have become frustrated by your lack of progress toward big goals (Chariot Rx), the energy of this new moon is for you… it’s asking you to expand your horizons and think bigger. But this might not be your parents’ bigger, or your spouse’s bigger… it’s YOUR version of greatness that you are meant to seek out. Live for your dreams, don’t sleep for them. For some of us, the past will become our teachers (Heirophant Rx)… for others, that energy might show up as a Taurus person or event, so look in your astrology chart or your circle of friends/comrades for inspiration. For some of us, we have held on too tight to what was or what should have been, and this new moon is asking us to let those ghosts go.

“Something old must end for something new to take its place. Give up your old life. Give life to new things.”

New Moon Reading, January 2021

A powerful trio of cards (Strength, Queen of Cups and Ace of Cups Rx) asks us to examine our relationships with ourselves and others. Does it scare you to be fully seen? Do you think it’s not safe to be who you are? When one of us rejects a part of ourselves, or masquerades as something else, we all suffer for it. Both harmony and discord exist for our growth. Seeing one another at our full greatness is only possible if we each show up in our strength. The universe asks, what can we learn from the ways we choose to treat ourselves? What can we learn from the ways we view others, especially in relation to ourselves?

“Learn to see how you can stand with others, instead of cowering behind them.”

New Moon Reading, January 2021

Remember the golden rule… as above, so below. The disharmony you see in the world, exists within you first. So you must go within to fix it. You are worthy, but you must believe in it before anyone else can see it in you. I hope you find time this new moon cycle to meditate on how you can align with the greatness within you, so that you can bless those around you with all that you have been uniquely called to become.

Thanks so much for reading; I hope this helps you! If you are so inclined, please download a copy of this month’s New Moon journal pages. I use them to keep track of my own growth, and it helps me look back and see how far I’ve come!

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