Full Moon March 28, 2021

Hello again, and welcome to the Full Moon in Libra! As a Libra myself, I appreciate the extra burst of “letting go” energy this lunar cycle has in store… it’s time to bring life back into balance! Read on for my tarot reading for this full moon, and download the journal pages below if you are so inclined (they’re free!).

There is a lot of energy from other people in this reading, represented by the court cards (Page, Knight, Queen, King). We may be feeling as though we are being watched, but the way we think about that says a lot about what we need to work on. If you feel like you’re being watched because you’re great, this energy could be asking you to consider the risks to avoid showing off. If you feel like you’re being watched so that your enemies can rejoice in your failures, this energy is asking you to uproot your insecurities and rebuild your confidence. What is important is that we are responding from a place of true confidence and not bravado.

The significator card for this full moon reading is The Hierophant Rx, indicating that we may be feeling stuck in an area of our lives and that we may need to build up our confidence in order to break free of the block. The heart of the matter is described by the Knight of Wands as action waiting to happen, and the Page of Swords lends raw ambition and passion to our endeavors. But underneath it all, the Queen of Cups Rx suggests that we are struggling to come to terms with negative attachments that weigh on us. To further clarify, the Strength card declares that our previous attempts to “not think about it”, or “fake it until you make it” have expired, and now we must turn and face those fears. The Knight of Cups promises that when we do, we will usher in fresh, new experiences that help us reignite our passion. This comes in two parts… the first is to follow our intuition, and the second to develop the plans necessary to succeed.

Our power comes from what we are, not what we can make people believe about us.

March 2021 Full Moon Tarot Reading

In the near future, the 3 of Wands Rx suggests that we take some time to make a fair assessment of ourselves and the skills we bring into the world. Especially if we have been mistaken or misleading about our abilities or intentions, today’s energy is perfect for releasing the old images of “what we should have been”. Certainly this means that parts of our self-images will fall away, but in its place we can substitute an appreciation for our real gifts and make the plans to develop new ones. It is important not to dwell too long on these things, but take some time to understand WHY these “imposter” traits seemed so important to you. Understanding their foundation can help you determine if you should take the time to develop those things for yourself, or if you are better off leaving them in the past.

What is important is that we are responding from a place of true confidence and not bravado.

March 2021 Full Moon Tarot Reading

The self that rises from the ashes will be stronger and more powerful than you realize. Our power comes from what we are, not what we can make people believe about us, and 5 of Cups Rx asks us to revisit specific mistakes we have struggled to forgive and/or forget, and look at them with this new perspective. Learn the lesson, accept the pain of defeat, and walk away from any feelings of shame or embarrassment… no loss can define you unless you define yourself by it. The Universe card shows us how learning these tough lessons brings our karma full-circle. Commit to changing the behaviors that at one time caused you pain. The Tower Rx indicates that this process may cause more upheaval than we have seen thus far, but resisting the change doesn’t serve us any better. Knight of Crystals Rx in the outcome position echoes the idea that our energy must shift before it is resolved. What change have you resisted, and how might you begin to move forward?

Thanks so much for reading, friends, and I hope you found some clarity in this reading that can help you along the way!