Happy New Moon, friends! Today we have a fresh opportunity to set intentions for our lives, and this one in particular implores us to understand how our emotions can guide us to – and from – situations that serve our highest selves. Read on for more my interpretation of the tarot reading I did for today, and as always, there is a free journal page download at the end!

The significator card that starts off today’s reading is the Knight of Cups in its reversed position. As a court card, this could represent a person in your life (or an aspect of self), and the meaning of this card hints at emotions gone awry, or impulsivity that has landed you in a place you don’t really want to be. Further, there is a hint that you (okay we, let’s be real…) might see this as having happened through no fault of your own. This, my friends, is a very personal deception, and one that does NOT help us move forward. There is one more court card in this reading, in the position describing the recent past, so there is an indication that whatever energy we are blaming for our lack of progress may be soon behind us. But as with all important lessons, what we haven’t learned yet will come back around to give us another chance to learn it… and if you’ve been through one of these cycles, you know this isn’t always a fun experience.

The Major Arcana cards involved in this reading, and the order they appear, gives us an idea of how this cycle plays out for us. First is Starseed (The Fool in traditional decks), the card that represents the beginning stages of a journey where we are pure potential. Above that and just a few cards later we have The Moon, representing our inner world of emotions, in a position that indicates these things will be brought to the surface to be resolved. The very next card is The Sun in its reversed position, which represents our self in a bind… we struggle to see the path ahead of us because we have lost the connection to our inner guidance system. The storm clouds from within have momentarily blocked out the sun, metaphorically speaking. Immediately after that card we get The High Priestess representing ourselves and our power. When we have cleared out the storm clouds and can finally see that inner wisdom, our intuition is once again able to guide us. The numbers of these cards (0, 18, 19, 2) indicate a path of ascension and then a bit of a fall… which might scare some of you…. but The High Priestess indicates that when the dust has settled, we might not be at the same level we were before. Instead, we will be better aligned on our soul’s path this time around, with a greater sense of purpose and deeper connections to the world around us (Ace of Cups).

There is an indication that the energy is changing for us (5 of Swords reversed), but that our fears could prevent us from choosing the most authentic path to move forward (2 of Wands). This reading really stresses that it is time to break down the ego barriers that prevent us from seeing our truest potential (7 of Crystals) and put aside whatever distractions we have tossed out in front of us that don’t actually serve our highest good. On a personal note, the 9 of Cups reversed in the “Beneath” position is a wake up call of epic proportions… it is calling me out, and perhaps some of you as well. The 9 of Cups usually represents a high state of abundance, especially pertaining to love and family… in its reversed position, it asks us to really look at what emotional voids exist beneath the surface, and what we have been trying to fill them with.

On another note, the Page of Wands asks us to look for inspiration in the people around us… look for others who have put aside the opinions of the world, and set out to do something incredible with their lives. Surely we look up to plenty of people who were called failures until they succeeded. Success does not come from the world shouting it at you. Success is found in the hearts and minds of those people who consider themselves lucky to have known you. It radiates out from the blissful smiles of friends and family spending warm spring days together, and bundled in blankets around campfires together. Success can only be measured by contentedness, which is why all of the things we have accomplished seem so empty without someone to share them with.

So during this new moon, my friends, you are being asked to recalibrate your trajectory. You have the capacity for so much love. Don’t tiptoe around it any longer. Get a running start and cannonball into your future, with full confidence that you will be successful because the ones you care about are also running into that great unknown, ready to jump in with you.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope some of this reading resonates for you! If you follow along in your own journal, feel free to print out the page provided below and keep track of your goals and intentions. If you are on Clubhouse, please join me (@dottiepilates) tomorrow (March 14) for a short chat about this reading and the new moon ritual I’m doing today!

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