Hi there, and welcome to the Full Moon in Scorpio! This has been an intense one for me personally, but lots of exciting changes are taking place, and I’m doing the work to prepare for them! Part of that work is self care, and if you haven’t started a self care practice, I’ll be sharing some of the things I do in a future post. So without further ado… your Scorpio Full Moon reading!

This Super Full Moon in Scorpio is transforming the world as we know it for each of us, because our perception of the world depends on our relationship to it in our minds. Our feelings (Cups) about our dreams and aspirations (Wands) and where they can take us in life (Crystals) are brought forth in this reading. We could benefit from reflecting on the way all 3 concepts relate in our lives, and looking at how we feel uncomfortable with them.

The major arcana cards in the reading are The Star, The Empress, and the Akashic Records. They tell a story of how we come to recognize the divine light within each of ourselves, and as we allow that knowledge to reveal our gifts to us, it guides us toward our highest purpose. The significator is The Star, which lets us know that revealing our worth is as simple as releasing our light from the veil of old hurts. Looking back to the past can reveal the patterns that describe our pain, but it is not the behavior of others that we need to look at… it is our own. We must find the path through our disappointments without inflating the power of the other characters involved. The point of the past is that it’s behind us; the lessons we learn from them are our gold. The energy that crosses us is that of undeservingness, and the turmoil of those inner decisions is reflected in the 5 of Cups Rx at the heart of the matter. We are called to see our value and our worth.

It a little short today, but I hope you found it helpful! Thanks so much for reading, friends!

Check out the archives for more! 🙂

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