The Crystal Sisters is a self-care company, and our mission is simple: we want to leave everyone we meet a little bit happier (and more sparkly) than we found them. So we reimagined the landscape of self-care and began exploring the possibilities; our perfect rituals would be gentle on our sensitive skin while improving its condition. The luscious scents and beautiful aesthetics would inspire us to say yes to ourselves in small ways every day. With that vision in mind, we began to create ultra-luxe bath and body products with highly moisturizing, natural ingredients and additives rich in skin benefits that nurture your skin the way a good friend nurtures your soul.

As Above, So Below

We believe that what is within us will radiate out to those around us: as above, so below. This means our first priority is what we put into our products, and also what we leave out. We love (LOVE) bath bombs, but not the bubbly surfactants and harsh dyes that tend to irritate our skin, so we limit the chemicals we add to our products. Each ingredient we include has a purpose: Colloidal oatmeal to soothe inflamed skin and rebuild its natural protective barriers, shea butter to deeply hydrate and prevent moisture loss, kukui nut oil and rice bran oil to sink quickly into the deeper layers of the skin and leave us feeling magical.

Thoughts Become Things

We believe that caring for ourselves is a necessary practice of self-discipline that gives us the presence of mind to show up as the best versions of ourselves, with the bandwidth needed to nurture the ones we love. Draining our energetic batteries tends to leave us exhausted, on-edge, and ready to cry into a box of Swedish Fish all at the same time, so to us, self-care is not simply an ‘indulgence’. Often, it is learning to take a break before we reach our limits and saying “no” to things we would like to do in this moment, or that we think we must do to be accepted by others, so we can do the work required to become the people we want to be. We know it’s hard to do because we have done it ourselves, so we won’t judge you if you forget sometimes… but we do our part to make it a little more fun to say “yes” to yourself.

But really… what are Crystal Sisters?

They are those magical souls who come into our lives under strange or serendipitous circumstances, at just the right time to renew our hope for what life can become. They are kindred spirits alchemized from the same cosmic stardust, reflecting our shared history in their facets. Like diamonds, our strength is forged in the fires of our souls, and our Crystal Sisters show us how to refuel those fires when ours have dwindled to smoldering embers. They are a gift, but one that challenges us… from our limiting beliefs to our comfort zones, they shed light on our fears and weaknesses and hold space for our rise from the ashes. We might not recognize them right away, but whether they have come to share a reason, a season, or a lifetime, the experience will forever change us.