Super Full Moon June 24, 2021

Hi friends, Happy Super Full Moon! If you’ve felt a heavy energy lately, whether chaotic or just HEAVY, this is likely the combination of the summer solstice and this super full moon ushering us into the emotional Cancer season. While it might feel insurmountable, it’s definitely time to take stock of our blessings and look for ways that we can shift the things that make us uncomfortable. The full moon is the perfect time to release and let go of the heavy energies we carry with us, so without further ado, let’s get into this!

Intentions are going to be the most important part of this month’s work for me personally, and perhaps for you, too. Where our focus goes, so goes our energy… which means that energy spent on things that don’t further our objectives is effectively wasted. Look for ways that you can shift the responsibility for your time so that you feel more in control during all hours of the day, but especially those that aren’t earmarked for something else. There is nothing worse than reflexively snapping at someone you love because you’re stressed about all the stuff you have on your plate, is there?

“You are being called to find a balance between what you give and what you get.”

June 24, 2021 Tarot Reading

I decided to pull the cards a little differently this time… mostly because the first pair jumped out while I was shuffling. In total there were 4 sets of cards, each pointing toward the same general theme… use the past as a tool to change your future. The first group of cards brings up the way we express our satisfaction (or lack thereof) in our efforts. The second group of cards asks us to ponder the way we hold onto control instead of delegating, when trusting another person to help can benefit both of us. (Control freaks of the world, I’m talking to us!) The third set gets a little darker and asks us to look for ways we might be lying to ourselves (or other people), in order to avoid discomfort. The last set kind of ties it all together and asks us to look for ways that bringing our energy into balance can improve our lives.

“Use the past as a tool to change your future.”

June 24, 2021 Tarot Reading

Much like last month, balancing our lives and energetic expenditures is a big theme. This month tied the balance to our abundance, which hits pretty close to home for me. I recently started a creative endeavor that has challenged me in every area of my life! Overall I’m really proud of myself, but I’ll admit that it hasn’t been without its ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like, “Why am I even trying this?!” But for every incredulous doubt, there have been moments of clarity that feel like I was born to do this. As far as I can tell, the right paths are SUPPOSED to feel this way. They challenge us and in turn, we challenge the limits we once believed in… and then we grow in ability and in faith.

Over the course of the next few days, take a moment to think about what you are hoping to call into your life. Are you able to receive it just as you are, or do you need to accept yourself before you are comfortable accepting the abundance you want? What wisdom can you gather from the significant events of the last month? Sometimes even just changing the language you use to speak about yourself can create the space you need to let go of the things that hold you back.

I hope you found this helpful in developing the insights you need to move forward in grace! Wishing you all the best during this full moon!

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Super Full Moon May 26, 2021

Hi friends, I’m sorry this is coming to you a little late… the super full moon lunar eclipse was a bit tough for me, on top of the hectic nature of life at the moment. I wanted to give you a little something extra, though, which is a run-through of my own personal full moon ritual! For those of you who don’t have a ritual already, or those looking to add a little something, I present to you…. my process:

As you can see, there isn’t anything too weird in here! 🙂 The word “ritual” sometimes can feel a little occult, but it’s really more of a regular pattern of behavior aimed at achieving a desired result. Which, for me, is to maintain an optimistic perspective about life and what I want to accomplish. Let me know in the comments if you would like more details about any part of the ritual, or have any favorite activities you would suggest!

“You will be happier with the relationships and situations you choose for yourself than the ones you simply allow to exist in your life.”

May 26, 2021 Tarot Reading

This celestial event brings a certain intensity to the act of connecting with our feelings about the situations and relationships in our lives, and using those feelings to guide our actions. We are being challenged to take action in our own best interest, without stomping on anyone else’s rose garden to do it. For me, this super full moon eclipse has brought out a lot of old fears and patterns of behavior, and everyone’s favorite… old acquaintances. People from the past with whom I struggled to confidently express myself. This re-emergence is not a punishment though, it’s a test and an opportunity to make new choices that are in alignment with who I really am today. If you’re living through the virtual “zombie apocalypse” too, you have my sympathy!

A major theme that kept coming up during this reading was “energy balance”. How can we balance the energy we pour into others with the energy we need to take in to fuel ourselves? Are there ways to apply our energy differently in certain situations that will be more comfortable for us? What will help us feel at peace, and how can we spend more time at peace during our days?

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the reading and found something useful or thought-provoking that can help you move forward in peace. As always, here is the link to download the journal pages, and I hope you’ll be back again soon!

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Full Moon April 26, 2021

Hi there, and welcome to the Full Moon in Scorpio! This has been an intense one for me personally, but lots of exciting changes are taking place, and I’m doing the work to prepare for them! Part of that work is self care, and if you haven’t started a self care practice, I’ll be sharing some of the things I do in a future post. So without further ado… your Scorpio Full Moon reading!

This Super Full Moon in Scorpio is transforming the world as we know it for each of us, because our perception of the world depends on our relationship to it in our minds. Our feelings (Cups) about our dreams and aspirations (Wands) and where they can take us in life (Crystals) are brought forth in this reading. We could benefit from reflecting on the way all 3 concepts relate in our lives, and looking at how we feel uncomfortable with them.

The major arcana cards in the reading are The Star, The Empress, and the Akashic Records. They tell a story of how we come to recognize the divine light within each of ourselves, and as we allow that knowledge to reveal our gifts to us, it guides us toward our highest purpose. The significator is The Star, which lets us know that revealing our worth is as simple as releasing our light from the veil of old hurts. Looking back to the past can reveal the patterns that describe our pain, but it is not the behavior of others that we need to look at… it is our own. We must find the path through our disappointments without inflating the power of the other characters involved. The point of the past is that it’s behind us; the lessons we learn from them are our gold. The energy that crosses us is that of undeservingness, and the turmoil of those inner decisions is reflected in the 5 of Cups Rx at the heart of the matter. We are called to see our value and our worth.

It a little short today, but I hope you found it helpful! Thanks so much for reading, friends!

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Full Moon March 28, 2021

Hello again, and welcome to the Full Moon in Libra! As a Libra myself, I appreciate the extra burst of “letting go” energy this lunar cycle has in store… it’s time to bring life back into balance! Read on for my tarot reading for this full moon, and download the journal pages below if you are so inclined (they’re free!).

There is a lot of energy from other people in this reading, represented by the court cards (Page, Knight, Queen, King). We may be feeling as though we are being watched, but the way we think about that says a lot about what we need to work on. If you feel like you’re being watched because you’re great, this energy could be asking you to consider the risks to avoid showing off. If you feel like you’re being watched so that your enemies can rejoice in your failures, this energy is asking you to uproot your insecurities and rebuild your confidence. What is important is that we are responding from a place of true confidence and not bravado.

The significator card for this full moon reading is The Hierophant Rx, indicating that we may be feeling stuck in an area of our lives and that we may need to build up our confidence in order to break free of the block. The heart of the matter is described by the Knight of Wands as action waiting to happen, and the Page of Swords lends raw ambition and passion to our endeavors. But underneath it all, the Queen of Cups Rx suggests that we are struggling to come to terms with negative attachments that weigh on us. To further clarify, the Strength card declares that our previous attempts to “not think about it”, or “fake it until you make it” have expired, and now we must turn and face those fears. The Knight of Cups promises that when we do, we will usher in fresh, new experiences that help us reignite our passion. This comes in two parts… the first is to follow our intuition, and the second to develop the plans necessary to succeed.

Our power comes from what we are, not what we can make people believe about us.

March 2021 Full Moon Tarot Reading

In the near future, the 3 of Wands Rx suggests that we take some time to make a fair assessment of ourselves and the skills we bring into the world. Especially if we have been mistaken or misleading about our abilities or intentions, today’s energy is perfect for releasing the old images of “what we should have been”. Certainly this means that parts of our self-images will fall away, but in its place we can substitute an appreciation for our real gifts and make the plans to develop new ones. It is important not to dwell too long on these things, but take some time to understand WHY these “imposter” traits seemed so important to you. Understanding their foundation can help you determine if you should take the time to develop those things for yourself, or if you are better off leaving them in the past.

What is important is that we are responding from a place of true confidence and not bravado.

March 2021 Full Moon Tarot Reading

The self that rises from the ashes will be stronger and more powerful than you realize. Our power comes from what we are, not what we can make people believe about us, and 5 of Cups Rx asks us to revisit specific mistakes we have struggled to forgive and/or forget, and look at them with this new perspective. Learn the lesson, accept the pain of defeat, and walk away from any feelings of shame or embarrassment… no loss can define you unless you define yourself by it. The Universe card shows us how learning these tough lessons brings our karma full-circle. Commit to changing the behaviors that at one time caused you pain. The Tower Rx indicates that this process may cause more upheaval than we have seen thus far, but resisting the change doesn’t serve us any better. Knight of Crystals Rx in the outcome position echoes the idea that our energy must shift before it is resolved. What change have you resisted, and how might you begin to move forward?

Thanks so much for reading, friends, and I hope you found some clarity in this reading that can help you along the way!

New Moon March 13, 2021

Happy New Moon, friends! Today we have a fresh opportunity to set intentions for our lives, and this one in particular implores us to understand how our emotions can guide us to – and from – situations that serve our highest selves. Read on for more my interpretation of the tarot reading I did for today, and as always, there is a free journal page download at the end!

The significator card that starts off today’s reading is the Knight of Cups in its reversed position. As a court card, this could represent a person in your life (or an aspect of self), and the meaning of this card hints at emotions gone awry, or impulsivity that has landed you in a place you don’t really want to be. Further, there is a hint that you (okay we, let’s be real…) might see this as having happened through no fault of your own. This, my friends, is a very personal deception, and one that does NOT help us move forward. There is one more court card in this reading, in the position describing the recent past, so there is an indication that whatever energy we are blaming for our lack of progress may be soon behind us. But as with all important lessons, what we haven’t learned yet will come back around to give us another chance to learn it… and if you’ve been through one of these cycles, you know this isn’t always a fun experience.

The Major Arcana cards involved in this reading, and the order they appear, gives us an idea of how this cycle plays out for us. First is Starseed (The Fool in traditional decks), the card that represents the beginning stages of a journey where we are pure potential. Above that and just a few cards later we have The Moon, representing our inner world of emotions, in a position that indicates these things will be brought to the surface to be resolved. The very next card is The Sun in its reversed position, which represents our self in a bind… we struggle to see the path ahead of us because we have lost the connection to our inner guidance system. The storm clouds from within have momentarily blocked out the sun, metaphorically speaking. Immediately after that card we get The High Priestess representing ourselves and our power. When we have cleared out the storm clouds and can finally see that inner wisdom, our intuition is once again able to guide us. The numbers of these cards (0, 18, 19, 2) indicate a path of ascension and then a bit of a fall… which might scare some of you…. but The High Priestess indicates that when the dust has settled, we might not be at the same level we were before. Instead, we will be better aligned on our soul’s path this time around, with a greater sense of purpose and deeper connections to the world around us (Ace of Cups).

There is an indication that the energy is changing for us (5 of Swords reversed), but that our fears could prevent us from choosing the most authentic path to move forward (2 of Wands). This reading really stresses that it is time to break down the ego barriers that prevent us from seeing our truest potential (7 of Crystals) and put aside whatever distractions we have tossed out in front of us that don’t actually serve our highest good. On a personal note, the 9 of Cups reversed in the “Beneath” position is a wake up call of epic proportions… it is calling me out, and perhaps some of you as well. The 9 of Cups usually represents a high state of abundance, especially pertaining to love and family… in its reversed position, it asks us to really look at what emotional voids exist beneath the surface, and what we have been trying to fill them with.

On another note, the Page of Wands asks us to look for inspiration in the people around us… look for others who have put aside the opinions of the world, and set out to do something incredible with their lives. Surely we look up to plenty of people who were called failures until they succeeded. Success does not come from the world shouting it at you. Success is found in the hearts and minds of those people who consider themselves lucky to have known you. It radiates out from the blissful smiles of friends and family spending warm spring days together, and bundled in blankets around campfires together. Success can only be measured by contentedness, which is why all of the things we have accomplished seem so empty without someone to share them with.

So during this new moon, my friends, you are being asked to recalibrate your trajectory. You have the capacity for so much love. Don’t tiptoe around it any longer. Get a running start and cannonball into your future, with full confidence that you will be successful because the ones you care about are also running into that great unknown, ready to jump in with you.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope some of this reading resonates for you! If you follow along in your own journal, feel free to print out the page provided below and keep track of your goals and intentions. If you are on Clubhouse, please join me (@dottiepilates) tomorrow (March 14) for a short chat about this reading and the new moon ritual I’m doing today!

Full Moon January 28, 2021

We’ve made it to the end of January, and this full moon in Leo packs quite a punch! Leo is a fire sign and is represented by the suit of Wands, which also represents our ambitions, confidence, and impulses in life. Wands showed up quite a bit in today’s reading, along with the presence of quite a few court cards, which I interpreted as asking us to look for the ways we are allowing the opinions of others to erode our confidence and hold us back from putting ourselves out there. Read on for my interpretation of the Celtic Cross spread I pulled, and download the free journal pages at the end!

The significator card is 7 of Cups in its reversed position, which flavors the reading by asking us to get real with ourselves. If you’ve been holding onto unrealistic goals without a tangible plan to make things happen, or fooling yourself about the role you have played in your own troubles, today’s reading might sting a little.

You are not who anyone thinks you are, unless maybe you’re trying to control what they think of you…

January 2021 Full Moon Tarot Reading

Most of us don’t even struggle to see the ways we try to manipulate others… we are truly blind to it. That internal blindness makes us extra-sensitive, and sometimes we project our inner turmoil onto the world around us in a misguided (but earnest) attempt to resolve the inner unrest. We strike out against the ghosts that we conjured into the world, often severing relationships in the process, all the while telling ourselves that our anger was necessary and our foul behavior justified because of “outside forces”. In today’s reading, the 8 of Crystals (Pentacles in other decks) represents those “outside forces”… and as it turns out, this card represents spiritual growth and reaping the rewards we have earned from the time we have invested. It seems kind of counter-intuitive, but since everything is happening FOR you, not TO you, let’s try to practice alchemy!

You got what you wanted… so what did you make of it?

January 2021 Full Moon Tarot Reading

This full moon is dredging up something – whether that is people, situations, or feelings – from our pasts that we might have hoped never to think of again. (King of Wands Rx) It’s doing this not to knock us down, but to allow us to stand in grace. In the past, we stood on top of a suitcase full of excuses for our choices and behavior… we highlighted how wrong the situation was and how innocent we were. That suitcase never latched properly, and we’ve lived in fear of that latch coming undone and exposing the content of that suitcase ever since. This fear made it difficult for us to stretch ourselves sometimes, and some of us (myself included) started to believe that the fear was coming from outside of the suitcase, and not the suitcase itself.

You are not who anyone else thinks you are, so control your behavior and not others’ perception of your behavior.

January 2021 Full Moon Tarot Reading

The 3 of Wands reversed as the heart of the matter is crossed by the Page of Cups reversed, describing a situation where we struggle to separate our need for acceptance with our actual needs… and we need to learn to see the ways we have failed ourselves instead of the ways others have failed us. Ouch. At the root of this is the major arcana card Strength reversed, indicating that we need to face our sacred fears and trust that we are strong enough to survive, even when the ego is screaming that it can’t bear to look at the truth. The truth is, my friends, that the world has failed us 100 times… but we have failed ourselves 100 times 100 times. Why do we insist on holding anyone accountable when failure is not a crime? I’ll say that louder for the people in the back…

Why do we insist on holding anyone accountable when failure is not a crime?

January 2021 Full Moon Tarot Reading

The other ugly truth is that we’re not really trying to hold people accountable for their actions… we are trying to blame them for our uncomfortable feelings. THAT is where things tend to go sideways. THAT is the deception that fools nobody but ourselves. We have projected the wounds of the past into our present-day scenarios, escalating simple situations into all-out brawls, demanding “respect” and an audience with the manager when an exhausted barista scrawls our name illegibly on the $6 oat milk iced coffee beverage we ordered… “I said NO ice!!!”… just trying to get a healing for our emotions. It was never about the latte, or the penmanship, or the way someone looked at us… it was about what our early emotional imprinting told us those things MEANT about us. That we weren’t good enough, or pretty enough, smart enough, too picky… whatever it was, it wasn’t about the latte. It started with us… we made a choice to believe what it meant… and we can choose to see things differently.

The 3 of Cups in the recent past position asks us to think about the relationships and opportunities that we asked for and that we received… and what we did with those opportunities. King of Wands reversed in the “highest good” position describes not only that our past choices never really go away, but also that we don’t need to define ourselves by our mistakes and the we are being asked to allow the experience to change us. To ripen us and make us sweet though, not to rot us from the insides. Transformation reversed in the near future position (Death in some other decks) is telling us that THIS obsession with the past is what is preventing us from moving forward, and that is nobody’s fault but our own.

Time spent cannot be reclaimed, but investments pay dividends. Invest your time, don’t spend it.

January 2021 Full Moon Tarot Reading

The Queen of Wands is one of my favorite cards, as she represents personal power and optimism with a shot of wild, independent fierceness that I adore. She is fiery AND kind. She embraces the whole spectrum, and in this reading she shows up in the position that describes the subject of the reading… you and I. The message I got from her today was that our power comes not from denying our weaknesses, but from embracing all aspects of ourselves as exactly what we need to experience right now. Embrace what needs healing as much as what we have mastery of. Embrace it, but don’t put it on a pedestal… we are not here to be anti, we are here to be real. We must accept all aspects of ourselves, but part of the deal is that we strive toward being better every day.

The 8 of Crystals gives us a peek at the energy surrounding our situation, and as we mentioned before seems a little contrary at first blush. The culmination of our efforts exposing all of the wasted energy, inner wounds that we projected outward, damaged relationships, and emotional immaturity does NOT seem like a good thing. It feels heavy, but anything tied down will feel heavier than it is. We need to sever the ties in order to let it go and leave it in the past as a lesson. That is our only choice for alchemy, my friends, and one that is not particularly easy or simple. Interestingly enough, the phrasing that came across with this message is more commonly used to talk about money than time. We are being asked to see the value in the mistakes we have made and not to write it all off as a loss.

Can we really live with the compromise of something that feeds only our bodies, but not our souls?

January 2021 Full Moon Tarot Reading

The Emperor describes our hopes and fears, asking us to stop worrying our lives away. He advises us to learn how to take initiative, the right ways this time, and to plan ahead so we can be ready to ask questions should something come up. The King of Crystals reversed in the outcome position asks us to look carefully at our energetic balance for signs of self-indulgence and to be brutally honest with ourselves. Where we find inauthenticity or partial success, we are asked to investigate. Can we really live with the compromise of something that feeds only our bodies, but not our souls? We don’t need to spend more, talk more, or acquire more… we need to invest more. Time and energy invested in ourselves will pay back dividends, even if at first blush it seems rather harsh.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you found something in here that resonated with you! As promised, feel free to download the free journal pages below! The download is an 8″ x 10″ (standard office paper size) .pdf that has room to punch holes for a binder or notebook. I hope you are able to take a moment during this cycle for meditation and letting go. Namaste, friends!