You have to get through to storm to get to the rainbow, but you don’t have to stand outside.


A good self care routine nourishes the foundations of our success so we can continue growing and reaching for new experiences. Life happens to all of us, and we all need a plan to get back up when those moments hit.

At the link, you will find a collection of self care suggestions. Whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours, there is always time to invest in showing up at your best!


There is a saying that the best we can do for others is what we have practiced for ourselves. And if all we practice is ignoring our own needs, how can we assume we’re actually meeting the needs of those around us? The short answer is… we can’t.

Self care starts with understanding our needs, not denying them. It can feel selfish to turn our attention inward while so much needs to be done outside of us. This may seem counterintuitive, but learning to care for ourselves makes us experts at caring.


How do you feel when asked about your future plans? On-track? Lost? Do you feel like you need to find your life’s purpose before you start working toward it?

Setting goals is more about the mindset than the outcome. Curiosity and enthusiasm opens doors, but we need the right tools to take full advantage of what we find behind them.

Here are some of the tools I’ve found that help me make plans and recover from setbacks!