Full Moon Ritual February 27, 2021

Happy Full Moon, friends! The moon cycles offer a great cadence to check our progress and realign our intentions to our goals. In my personal practice, I focus on creating alignment between my goals and intentions during the new moon. During the full moon, I work on releasing and letting go. I do a tarot reading for each cycle, and I ask for the guidance I need in order to move forward. My interpretation of each of the cards in the reading is below, and there are some suggested intentions, crystals, and messages on the journal pages to help you work with the energy of this cycle. Read on for this month’s insights and as always, the free journal page download will be at the end of this post. Enjoy!

This month’s full moon is in Virgo, and this reading focuses on the energy of progress (Major Arcana card #7, The Chariot). Next stop… success! Well, maybe not quite, but this reading was all about finding our flow and how we can work through the stumbling blocks we encounter. There were indications of new beginnings to look forward to, perhaps in relationships or projects related to our goals (Ace of Cups), and the potential for collaboration with others (3 of Crystals), which can be exciting! If collaborations sometimes leave you feeling as though your efforts are not noticed or rewarded, this is an excellent time to do some shadow work to get to the bottom of that insecurity.

“We don’t all value the same things, but that doesn’t mean you are not valuable…”

February 2021 Full Moon Reading

Let’s talk about understanding our value when working with others, and learning to separate our intrinsic value from the value of our input as seen by specific people or projects. It can be difficult to navigate boundaries when we are excited and in the flow of our creativity. We can be vibing together one minute, and leaving each other on “Read” the next… what the heck?! One possibility is that the scope of the collaboration expanded past someone’s comfort level, and they suddenly realized they don’t have the bandwidth to follow through. Another possibility is that after giving it some thought, someone realized they have other projects that require their time at this moment, so the contextual value of the idea changed for them. This isn’t by any means an exhaustive list, but the point is that our expectations can hurt if we let them get out of alignment with our ability to honor them. If we feel like we are always getting in over our heads and over-committing, the lesson is to assess the value of our time before committing it, and to own our words and actions. If we feel like we are always left hanging, the lesson is similar… all time is valuable, and each of us has different priorities. What someone chooses to spend their time on reflects what is important to them. It is not a reflection of us, so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt about their motives, but consider restructuring our priorities similarly.

The Chariot is a card of action and movement, and we are cautioned that without work, it can be a very bumpy ride. We are asked to take an honest assessment of what obstacles stand in our way, and challenged to work through them in order to reach our highest potential. This brought up fears of criticism (Queen of Wands Rx), of not living up to expectations (#20, Awakening), of past mistakes (6 of Swords Rx), of past hurts (8 of Cups Rx), and of feeling pain (3 of Swords Rx). This is a tall order, for sure, but all these things were brought up before us so that we can look at it all at once. These fears cause us hesitation, or hold us back entirely, from achieving our goals. The only way to get past them is to go through them, so… what fears are holding you back?

“Don’t sacrifice your happiness out of fear of feeling pain. Feel it, and let yourself be stronger for it.”

February 2021 Full Moon Reading

Take a moment to write about how you felt the last time you stepped away from a goal due to fear. Don’t judge yourself for it (Temperance Rx), but try to understand if the outcome you had hoped to avoid was really a valid concern in the present. Look within for other fears that are keeping you from taking that next step along your path, and look at how they might be keeping you safe, and how they might be keeping you stuck. The full moon is a time for releasing, and ask yourself if there is anything you would be willing to let go of, in order to achieve your highest potential?

There you have it… the Full Moon reading for February 2021! I hope you enjoyed the reading and that you got a little insight from it. Thanks for reading, and if you want, download the journal pages below! See you next time!

New Moon February 11, 2021

This Aquarian New Moon energy is intense, and today’s reading pulled no punches. You can read it for yourself, and I’ll highlight some of the points in the post below. As always, you will find the free download of this month’s new moon journal pages at the end of this post. I really hope you’re enjoying them, and I hope this reading inspires you to break free of stagnation and align your mindset even more with your highest self!

We are being asked to look at the results of our prior actions and intentions, and reassess what we need to do to move forward. This reading specifically called out our inauthentic behavior… giving or receiving mixed signals, or acting out of fear or anticipation of another person’s feelings or reactions. Whether or not our reasons for behaving this way are justified, this is manipulative behavior intended to get a desired reaction instead of having an authentic interaction. During this check-in we are asked to look critically at how this misalignment with who we really are and what we really want is impacting our current experience.

“You can’t be so disappointed by not having the things you never worked for. If you want it, commit, and face the world owning all of it. Your faults, your failures, and your triumph.”

New Moon Tarot Reading, February 11, 2021

This reading had a very important message regarding our personal power and our personal relationships, represented by two Kings in their reversed positions, and 2 Queens in their upright positions. The first King (Swords) was the significator card describing the reading as a whole. This card can signal deceit or manipulation of a situation, but the empowering way to read it is that we need to be honest with ourselves about the ways we have not been so honest in the past. The second King (Wands) represented the heart of the matter, and as the suit that represents our dreams and ambitions, it can describe a situation where we are overly critical of ourselves. High expectations can be appropriate in some situations, but the implication here is that the gap between our expectations and our reality is stalling our progress and causing us pain.

As Sword also represent logic and our business-mindsets, this can be applied to the internal structures of logic and the way we set and work toward our goals. Let’s draw our attention to internalized beliefs about the world, and the stories we tell ourselves about our failures and successes. Are we really being prevented from succeeding because of external circumstances, or is that a convenient cover story to mask our internalized belief that success is just not possible for “someone like me”? Have you ever given up in the eleventh hour, or even the second or third hour, because of that voice inside telling you, “This will never work…”? Your mind is the ultimate gatekeeper, and if you haven’t mastered your thoughts, you aren’t likely to get around them. The way out of this, is through it.

Do you see what I mean by intense? We are being called to stand up and look at the world eye-to-eye, and the only way we will have the strength to do that is if we face the internal struggles that we have been avoiding. The other side of this court card equation, and the way “through it”, is the energy of the two Queens… we must nurture what we want to grow. When we use our natural authority within the realm of our natural power, our efforts will not be hindered needlessly. The two Queens in the spread represent our abundance (Crystals) and logic (Swords), indicating once again that shifting from our current belief system into one that allows for our success can create space for the abundance we want to find us.

“Those who expect perfection from themselves will punish others for not meeting their expectations. Neither will meet those expectations, but the perfectionist is the one creating the suffering for all. Tend to your karma.”

New Moon Tarot Reading, February 11, 2021

In all honesty, this reading kind of stung. Especially the quote above. While those words spoke directly to me, I have a feeling that some of you will feel them too. We live in a world full of expectation, but nowhere is that more apparent than within my mind. I used to think it was a “good” thing to be harder on myself than anyone else could be. I thought I kept it to myself… but as it turned out, I just hadn’t realized the ways in which I was projecting that internal frustration into the world. I would become so frustrated that even small inconveniences would turn into 20 minute blood pressure sprints, even days later. Justifying my frustration, I told myself that I would never “accept” mistakes like that from myself… but last I checked, I am still human. We are ALL human, and we ALL make mistakes! How we handle them says a lot about how we handle ourselves, and I think many of us could stand to be a little kinder.

“Take responsibility, not blame, and learn to carve out a new path.”

New Moon Tarot Reading, February 11, 2021

Admittedly, when it came to setting goals I used to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater quite frequently. The truth is that I wasn’t “accepting” mistakes from myself because I believed nobody else would, either. I thought the world operated by the same standards at play in my mind… turns out, THAT was the mistake! I didn’t feel worthy of grace, so I didn’t expect it from others. Upon hitting a bump in the road, I would try to outwardly project grace… but inside I felt like the car skidding into the ditch, AND the bump. Ouch! It’s easy to give up when you don’t feel worthy of the goal in the first place, and it’s hard to see perfectionism as a problem when you think it is what is required of you. I’ve worked really hard to get to a place that I can see, admit, and now find humor in the ways I have deceived myself, and I’m feeling a lot less like an out-of-control jalopy these days. Messages like these tell me that there is still work to be done, and as an imperfect human, I can accept that with grace.

“Ultimately you are the one who denies yourself peace.”

New Moon Tarot Reading, February 11, 2021

Back to the reading… we are being advised that our desires will not materialize before our eyes without a sacrifice on our part. Not of the biblical, burnt offering type, but a sacrifice of time, energy, sweat… we’re being asked to commit to ourselves and our higher purpose. Find gratitude in the journey thus far, and trust that NOT getting everything we want in this moment will be a good thing. If we are patient, we will see everything unfold in a way that supports our authentic desires and the highest good of all involved. Put another way, some of what we think we want is coming from a place of lack, and will not satisfy us once we get it.

There was a lot of powerful stuff in here, and this week I plan to publish a few separate journal prompts so that we can process our thoughts a little deeper. I hope you enjoyed this reading and the journal pages, and if you happen to be reading this on the day of the new moon, consider joining me today on Clubhouse (@dottiepilates) at 6pm EST to chat about it! I’d love to answer any questions you might have, or just chat about tarot, journaling, goal setting, or just life in general! Either way, I hope you have a fantastic new moon, and thanks for reading!


New Moon January 13, 2021

Happy New Year, friends! Whether you are a “Resolutionary” or not, the new moon in Capricorn is pushing us to really think about what we want to do with our lives, and encouraging us to fearlessly embrace who we are becoming. In order to do that, we need to let go of who we thought we were, though… and that isn’t always the easiest thing. Keep reading for my January New Moon tarot message, and download the journal page at the end if you want to keep track of the messages and your personal commitment!

“Find your highest purpose, and there you will meet your highest self.”

New Moon Reading, January 2021

The message from the new moon tarot spread was profound for me personally. I felt some resistance to the reading early on, and then a phrase jumped out at me… “You cannot keep bending down to the forces that attack; believe in your ability to overcome.” This specifically relates to the emergence of the sacred self, and my (our) higher purpose in this life. The major arcana cards in the reading spelled out a karmic cycle playing out, and cautioned that in order to make progress toward my goals, I would have to face my shadows. Again?! Again. I have put a lot of work into understanding myself and my limiting beliefs, but even with all of that progress, I have felt uneasy and somewhat fearful lately.

“You need to acknowledge in order to let go.”

New Moon Reading, January 2021

If you have become frustrated by your lack of progress toward big goals (Chariot Rx), the energy of this new moon is for you… it’s asking you to expand your horizons and think bigger. But this might not be your parents’ bigger, or your spouse’s bigger… it’s YOUR version of greatness that you are meant to seek out. Live for your dreams, don’t sleep for them. For some of us, the past will become our teachers (Heirophant Rx)… for others, that energy might show up as a Taurus person or event, so look in your astrology chart or your circle of friends/comrades for inspiration. For some of us, we have held on too tight to what was or what should have been, and this new moon is asking us to let those ghosts go.

“Something old must end for something new to take its place. Give up your old life. Give life to new things.”

New Moon Reading, January 2021

A powerful trio of cards (Strength, Queen of Cups and Ace of Cups Rx) asks us to examine our relationships with ourselves and others. Does it scare you to be fully seen? Do you think it’s not safe to be who you are? When one of us rejects a part of ourselves, or masquerades as something else, we all suffer for it. Both harmony and discord exist for our growth. Seeing one another at our full greatness is only possible if we each show up in our strength. The universe asks, what can we learn from the ways we choose to treat ourselves? What can we learn from the ways we view others, especially in relation to ourselves?

“Learn to see how you can stand with others, instead of cowering behind them.”

New Moon Reading, January 2021

Remember the golden rule… as above, so below. The disharmony you see in the world, exists within you first. So you must go within to fix it. You are worthy, but you must believe in it before anyone else can see it in you. I hope you find time this new moon cycle to meditate on how you can align with the greatness within you, so that you can bless those around you with all that you have been uniquely called to become.

Thanks so much for reading; I hope this helps you! If you are so inclined, please download a copy of this month’s New Moon journal pages. I use them to keep track of my own growth, and it helps me look back and see how far I’ve come!

New Moon Ritual Dec. 14, 2020

New moons are a great time for evaluating and processing current events and situations, and crafting new intentions for the upcoming weeks. Among other things, a new moon ritual can serve as a check-in point for goals, a pause for quiet reflection, and time to express gratitude for life and its treasures. I will share my latest rituals with you here!

I started journaling about my intentions a few days in advance of the ritual. I reviewed my previous intentions and goals, and decided on some things I wanted to change. Once I decided on a direction, I chose crystals that represent my intentions. This new moon group is very supportive of the Heart and Crown chakras, and you will see that my intentions are very focused on those areas. I also set out a gold and silver candle for balancing the masculine and feminine energies, and lit a special new moon candle by a local artist (Libby’s Handcrafted Magick).

Once I had my candles lit, I put pen to page once again and began writing what came to mind. This particular new moon brought up the idea of making more intentional decisions, so I allowed myself to express the specific ways I wanted to embody the energy of intentional decisions. I wrote out a bunch of statements about the way I want to show up in the world, and I’ll use those for daily reminders and journaling prompts over the next few weeks.

Then it was time for my tarot reading… this one was interesting. You’ll notice that I wrote a statement after each card. I struggled in my interpretation at first, because a Celtic Cross is usually used for reading the energy of a situation. My mind wanted to apply the messages to specific situations, and while logical, it felt “off”. Later I connected with a friend, whose words mirrored the message in the original context. I am learning a new way to “be” in the world, and the way I show up emotionally must change.

After processing the message, I expressed my gratitude for the gifts and did a quiet meditation. I spent a little time working on a plan to apply my intentions to my week, and went to sleep. And that’s it! If you’ve read this far, I’d love to know if you also did a new moon ritual, and how you felt about it! Feel free to leave a comment below!